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The long-awaited annual "double eleven shopping Carnival" is over. It's a day when many friends will buy their favorite products.


As in previous years, we also put our pre selected products on Taobao into the "shopping cart". From 0 o'clock on November 11, we made order payment one by one. In order to keep the transaction records with the merchants, we still contact the merchants in "Wangwang" before the payment of each commodity order, and record the users' needs and the merchants' answers through "Wangwang". Keep chatting and transaction records. This method can enable consumers to make claims and return goods when they are shopping, ensure that complaints are well documented, and facilitate the solution of problems.


We had selected a northeast autumn fungus in the green nut shop before. After the order was paid, another wild autumn fungus was found in his house that didn't remind us to participate in the double 11 activity. This time, we also took part in the activity. () and the price was greatly reduced, which is only a few yuan per 500g of edible fungus we took (the edible fungus was bought before, with good quality). Therefore, we discussed with the merchants on "Wangwang" to exchange goods and obtain the consent of the merchants. As it is the same order with other dry goods, we added the payment and attached the screenshot of remittance record to "Wangwang" to let the store be responsible for commodity exchange. So it's very important to keep the "Wangwang" record with the merchants.


This time, we have selected 12 kinds of goods on the market, and the price is more than 1000 yuan, less than dozens of yuan. These goods are all selected after we have made a cost-effective measurement on Taobao in advance. Some of them are much cheaper than the prices we usually sell on Taobao during the double 11. Therefore, before shopping, we must have a detailed understanding of the quality and price of the goods, so that we can have a better understanding of the quality and price of the goods When shopping on November 11, buy real good and cheap goods.


This time, we met a very interesting thing at the "double eleven shopping Carnival": in the "double eleven" shopping lottery held by some businesses, we actually drew prizes worth tens of yuan for two times respectively. These sweepstakes have brought us unexpected results. It's also a little encouragement for us to stay up late and participate in the "double eleven shopping Carnival"! The merchants will express these prizes together with the goods we buy.


This "double eleven" shopping, to our feeling, the business service attitude is very friendly; Alipay's payment channels are very smooth; the distribution of goods is very fast (by the end of 11 evening eight, the purchase of goods have been sent out); look forward to express delivery of these goods to consumers at an early date, to the "double eleven shopping Carnival" activities draw a circle. Full stop.



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