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1.提供信息; To offer information;

2.使听众感到乐趣; To entertain the audience;

3.动之以情; To touch emotions;

4.使听众行动起来; To move to action;



1.语速太快; Talking too rapidly;

2.声音单调; Speaking in monotone;

3.声音尖细; Using too high a vocal pitch;

4.谈得太多,说得太少; Talking and not saying much;

5.感情不充分; Presenting without enough emotion or passion;

6.对观众采取一种居高临下的姿态; Talking down to the audience;

7.夸张的词语使用得太多; Using too many "big" words;

8.使用抽象概念而不给出事例加以说明; Using abstractions without giving concrete examples

9.使用别人不熟悉的技术术语; Using unfamiliar technical jargon;

10.使用俚语或粗俗语; Using slang or profanity;

11.演讲无组织,散乱无序; Disorganized and rambling performance;

12.说话绕弯子,不切中主题; Indirect communication i.e. beating around the bush;



1.要有值得交流的观点; A message worth communicating;

2.引起听众的注意:抓住他们的兴趣并赢得信任; Gain the listeners' attention: capture their interest and build their trust;

3.重视理解; Emphasize understanding;

4.获得反馈; Obtain their feedback;

5.注意声调,要有感情; Watch your emotional tone;

6.说服听众; Persuade the audience;



1.微笑并看着观众; Smile and glance at the audience;

2.开始发言时要慢一点,身体保持昂首挺胸的姿态; Start very slowly, with your shoulders back and your chin up;

3.开场白说一些真诚话; Open your speech by saying something very frankly;

4.穿上自己最好的衣服; Wear your very best clothes;

5.对自己说一些积极的话 ; Say something positive to / about yourself



To have a structure: such as first, second, third; geographically, north, south, east, west; compare and contrasts; our side versus their side; negative and positive;


To label the materials such as jokes, funny anecdotes, favorite sayings, interesting statistics;

3.使用卡片; To use note cards;




Number your cards on the top right;


Write a complete sentence on both your first and last card;


Write up to five key words on other cards;


Use color to mark the words you want to emphasize;


Remind yourself at a particular sport to check the time.




Plan well in advance.


Make sure you fully understand your role in the program.


Devote care to structuring your speech logically.


Devote care to setting the proper tone.



1.讲个(自己的)故事; To tell a story (about yourself).

2.对大家能够聚在一起表示感谢; To acknowledge the occasion of the gathering.

3.称赞一下听众; To pay the listeners a compliment.

4.引用名人名言; To quote

5.使用一些不平常的数据 ; To use unusual statistics.

6.问观众一个挑战性的问题; To ask the audience a challenging question;

7.播放录像带或看幻灯片; To show a video or a slide.



1.重复你的开头; To repeat your opening.

2.概括你的演讲; To summarize your presentation.

3.以趣事结尾 ; To close with an anecdote.

4.以号召行动结尾; To end with a call to action.

5.以反问结尾 ; To ask a rhetorical question.

6.以一个陈述句结尾; To make a statement.

7.展示演讲大纲; To show an outline of your presentation.

眼神交流 1.眼睛慢慢地从一个移动到另一个人,在每一个人身上停留两到三秒钟时间; Move your eyes slowly from person to person, and pause two or three seconds with each listener;

2.眼睛直视听众,或看着他们的鼻梁或下巴 ; Look at people straight or look at the bridge of their noses or chins;

3.找到那些看起来比较友善的听众,逐次朝他们微笑;然后目标转向那些有些怀疑的听众,也逐渐朝他们微笑; Look for the friendlier faces and smile at them one by one, then move on to the more skeptical members and smile at them one by one also;

4.如果你感到紧张,不妨想象听众都穿着浴衣的样子; Imagine the audience in bathrobes in case you are nervous.



1.手放在口袋里; Hands in pockets

2.眨眼次数过多; Increased blinking of the eyes ;

3.害怕眼神的接触; Failure to make eye contact;

4.舔嘴唇和抿嘴唇; Licking and biting of the lips ;

5.敲叩手指; Finger tapping ;

6.手势又急又快; Fast, jerky gestures




Point at imaginary objects and don't point at others with your index finger;


Size or quantity can also easily be shown by expanding or contracting the hands;


Gracefully show your audience the appropriate number of fingers by holding your hands at a 45 degree angle from your head;



名词 Problem: issue, question, case, trouble, difficulty, dilemma. Meeting: conference, discussion, assembly, conclave, congress, convention, gathering session, assignation, encoun...福彩加盟


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